Middle School

“It was very important to me that my child was in an environment that was reinforcing the same messages we were teaching at home. I want my child to be responsible and kind, and knowing that this was being supported and taught at school was my primary reason for choosing a Catholic school for the middle school years”Current Parent

St. Raymond Middle School challenges students in grades 6-8 to become thoughtful leaders: to question and investigate, propose, devise and enact solutions in a supportive and collaborative learning environment framed in our Catholic values.

Middle school is a critical stage for students as they move from the world of childhood to the challenging time of adolescence. St. Raymond middle school students receive individual guidance to encourage personal growth, a solid academic foundation, and study habits that prepare them for high school and beyond.

Academically, St. Raymond works with the local competitive private high schools to ensure that students who graduate from St. Raymond are prepared to be strong candidates for admission as well as for various honors programs. We are confident that is why nearly 100% of our graduates go directly to their high school of choice!

Academic Program

Students in the middle school program are exposed to a rigorous high-school preparatory curriculum taught by highly qualified and passionate educators. Academically, students begin changing classes for content areas, organizing their time more efficiently and focusing on engaging deeply with curriculum. In addition, students are given personalized attention in math, science and English to see that all students are challenged and supported.

All Middle School Students study the following curriculum:

  • Religion
  • Mathematics: Math 7 (6), Pre-Algebra (7), Algebra I (8)
  • English
  • Spelling/Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Science - Earth (6), Life (7), Physical (8)
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • PE
  • Music
  • Mechatronics

Middle school is also a critical time to focus on the transition of students from childhood to adolescence. Instruction at St. Raymond focuses carefully on peer relationships, family relationships and making ethical decisions that are informed by Catholic teachings.