At St. Raymond School the athletic program is an essential part of a balanced education. As part of our philosophy of educating the whole child, St. Raymond encourages student involvement in the athletic program, which includes physical education and extracurricular sports. The purpose of the program is to instruct the students in the fundamentals of individual sports, to teach teamwork and good sportsmanship. We are committed to increasing the player's understanding of the game, building character, self-esteem and discipline, developing responsibility, and adding to their enjoyment of the game. Our full-time athletic director teaches PE to all grades in addition to managing our sports program.

Physical education classes JK-8 emphasize motor skills, balance, body awareness and hand-eye coordination. Team activities include a variety of team exercises and sports that focus on conditioning, health, and sportsmanship

Interscholastic competition is offered each season starting in grade 4 through the Peninsula Parishes School League (PPSL). "The purpose of this organization shall be to foster a spirit of cooperation and friendly competition among the Catholic parishes/schools of San Mateo County. This program shall strive to enrich our students physically and socially by developing practices of good sportsmanship, encouraging participation, and building self-esteem in all participants." All teams are coached by parent volunteers and nearly all St. Raymond students in grades 4-8 participate in at least one season of interscholastic sports—baseball, volleyball, basketball, and track and field.

On every team at St. Raymond School, participation, skill development, and teamwork are important, as are attitude and commitment on the part of players and coaches. Proper conduct and good sportsmanship are of equal importance to winning. Learning to be gracious in victory and defeat, and learning especially to take defeat well is a goal. Students are taught to be as cooperative as they are competitive, and understand that actions on and off the field reflect on one's self and one's school.

Our priorities for preparing students for competition include skill development, teamwork, participation, good sportsmanship, and pride in personal and team accomplishments. Each student who desires to play is provided an opportunity to play on a team, though not all students play equal amounts of time, based upon effort, attitude, as well as ability. As a general guideline, the coaches of each team should try to maximize the participation of all team members. It will be the duty of the coaches to use judgment and sensitivity toward meeting this objective. Many St. Raymond graduates continue on to become high school and college athletes and attribute the roots of their enjoyment and success to their experiences with athletics at St. Raymond School.

Beginning in fourth grade all students are eligible to participate in the following sports:

  • Baseball (Boys)
  • Volleyball (Girls)
  • Basketball (Boys and Girls)
  • Track and Field (Boys and Girls)

In addition, an introductory after school flag football program is offered through an outside vendor. Children develop basic football skills through passing, throwing and kicking drills.

Athletic Adisory Board

  • provides feedback and support to the Athletic Director
  • assists Athletic Director with conflict resolution
  • provides the parents with another way to provide input into the athletic program
Questions regarding the Athletic Program? Contact Roderick (Roddy) Harrison at or by calling 650.322.2312.