Mission and Educational Philosophy

St. Raymond Students are...


St. Raymond School will be a leader in innovative, service-driven, 21st century Catholic education.

Mission Statement

St. Raymond School is a family united by our Catholic tradition. Faculty and staff partner with parents, the parish, and the community to support our students in becoming stewards of faith and curious learners who effect positive impact on their immediate and global communities.

Educational Philosophy

St. Raymond School offers both a traditional and transformative learning experience that is grounded in our Catholic faith. Our students show their faith in God by how they act and who they choose to be in the world. We believe learning is collaborative rather than a competitive exercise. Faculty and parents partner to prepare inspired learners committed to seeing the dignity of every person through their own process of spiritual and personal growth. We challenge our students to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses constructively through intentional spiritual, academic, service, athletic, and social experiences empowering them to become critical thinkers and collaborative communicators. Our students believe it is essential to always ask, ponder, and investigate the unknown in order to propose, devise, and enact solutions establishing a more just society united in our Catholic values.