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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on any question below to reveal the answer. Please contact St. Raymond School at 650.322.2312 if you have additional questions, and we would be happy to discuss our program further.

Q. What are top reasons families choose St. Raymond?

Most of our families cite several reasons they knew St. Raymond was the right school for their family.

These reasons include:

  • Value centered Catholic education
  • Rigorous academic curriculum
  • Small group work in Math and English language arts instruction
  • Personalized student attention
  • Promotion of nearly 100% of graduates to desired private high school of choice
  • Highly qualified faculty and staff
  • Active athletic program
  • Extraordinary parent community
  • Multitude of leadership and co-curricular opportunities for students

Q: What hours are the children in school? Do you have extended care?

School Hours

Monday: 8:00AM - 1:55PM
Tuesday - Friday: 8:00AM - 2:55PM

Extended Care

Extended care is offered daily for students in grades K-8 from 3:00 - 6:00PM. Extended Care starts at 12 noon on minimum days and 2:00PM on Mondays when the children are out at 1:55PM. The cost for drop-in is $7.00 per hour for each child. The hourly rate is dropped to $6.50 per hour as a courtesy to families utilizing more than 5.5 hours of Extended Care per week.

Q: Does St. Raymond offer an after school program in addition to Extended Care?

St. Raymond offers a selection of after school sports opportunities for which students can register including both flag football and golf. Examples of other programs St. Raymond has offered are Student Council, Academic Decathlon, robotics, chess, and an emerging arts program.

Q. What is your student to teacher ratio?

St. Raymond is known for excellent student to teacher ratios as a result of our ongoing use of flexible small groups. Students receive ongoing differentiated instruction and small group instruction in math and English language arts daily. Our Targeted Learning Specialist supports in-class instruction as well as small group opportunities in both math and English language arts. The classroom design is listed below.

Junior Kindergarten: 3 teachers (~1:8)

K: 2 full-time classroom teachers, PE teacher, art teacher, music teacher, and Spanish teacher 

1-2: 2 full-time classroom teachers, PE teacher, art teacher, music teacher, mechatronics teacher, and Spanish teacher.

3-4: 2 classroom teachers for math and English language arts instruction, PE teacher, art teacher, music teacher, mechatronics teacher, Spanish teacher.

5: 2 classroom teachers for math and English language arts instruction, science teacher, PE teacher, art teacher, music teacher, mechatronics teacher, Spanish teacher.

Grades 6-8: Departmentalized teachers in each subject

Q: Why 34 children in each grade?

St. Raymond School values small ratios and targeted instruction for students. As a JK-8 school, there is also a high priority put on social and emotional development. St. Raymond meets both of these needs by allowing children to have ample social choice and a well-staffed campus. By utilizing a team teacher model and employing additional teachers for Targeted Learning, mechatronics, Spanish, music, art and PE, St. Raymond School is able to meet the individual educational needs of each student while fostering an environment with robust social options.  We pride ourselves on being able to support math and English language arts instruction with ratios from 1:8 to 1:17 in grades K-5 and a with a departmentalized model in grades 6-8.

Q: Do you offer a foreign language program?

St. Raymond believes that language is the real heart of our human existence, and is offered twice a week in grades K-8.  Through its language program, St. Raymond seeks to foster a positive attitude and excitement toward learning the Spanish language.  

Courses aim to develop the five C's of the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st century: 

  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Connections
  • Comparisons
  • Community

Through the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural understanding, St. Raymond seeks to lay the foundation for a language program that prepares its graduates to be able to qualify for second year Spanish upon entering high school.  Our Spanish program begins with an exploratory approach toward language acquisition.

Q. How is technology used in the classrooms?

St. Raymond School utilizes technology in its curriculum as part of its Mission commitment “…to preparing and promoting successful students… responsible for their learning, their actions and their impact on society.” The vision of St. Raymond School’s “Integrated Technology” platform is to accelerate and integrate the rigorous academic program with rich technology. Please visit "Academics" and "Leaders of Technology" for specific information.


  • St. Raymond is a 1:1 technology program
  • Every classroom has a SmartBoard, Every faculty member is professionally trained in intermediate/advanced SmartBoard techniques
  • Technology integrated throughout grades JK-8
  • STEM (Science, Tecnology, Engineering and Math) Program integrated throughout grades 6-8
  • State of the art STEM LAB with modular design and emerging maker space
  • Mechatronics (coding, robotics and cutting edge technology systems) integrated into the grade 1-8 curriculum
  • Robotics and Game Design curriculum available after school for students, grades 1-5

Q. Do you have a hot lunch program?

Healthy, hot lunches are available daily through Choice Lunch.

Q: How often do students go to Church? What if our family is not Catholic?

We invite students of all faiths to receive a St. Raymond education. All children are provided the same excellent educational experience, and every child will receive a full Catholic education. Non-Catholic families are empowered to discuss how their family's faith is similar to and different from the Catholic faith with their children at home. 

All St. Raymond students go to Church on the first Friday of each month. It is a family mass, and parents are welcome to attend. Daily prayer is also practiced in the classrooms, and the entire student body attends morning prayer in the center courtyard on Monday and Friday mornings. The school also has a campus-wide meditation and mindfulness program.

Q: Does St. Raymond School offer sports?

St. Raymond is an active member of the PPSL, the local Catholic Schools athletic league. All local parish schools participate in the PPSL and all local Catholic schools offer the same league sports. League sports begin in the 4th grade and continue through graduation for both boys and girls.


  • baseball
  • basketball
  • track and field


  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • track and field

St. Raymond also works with afterschool sports programs to offer a variety of options.  Some examples include: flag football, strength and agility, and golf.

Q: Does St. Raymond offer financial aid?

St. Raymond School offeres site level financial assistance. Families must register for the Basic Fund and Private School Aid assistance available through the San Francisco Archdiocese before qualifying for site level assistance.

Please visit the "Tuition Assistance" tab under "Admissions" for more information and for required forms.

Q: What is the parental requirement at the school?

Families may choose to be participatory or non-participatory.

Participatory Family Requirements

Participatory families volunteer twenty (20) hours at the school. The volunteer hour requirement is easy to fulfill by volunteering in the classroom or with projects run by the Mother's or Father's Clubs.

Participatory families are also expected to spend $5,000 as part of the SCRIP program. eSCRIP is a credit, debit/ATM, and loyalty card registration program.


Families can choose a non-participatory tuition rate in lieu of volunteering and SCRIP.

St. Raymond School
A community of faith dedicated to preparing and promoting successful students.

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