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Summer Assignment 2018
Posted 06/10/2018 12:56PM

Summer Assignment 2018

St. Raymond students are expected to complete the Summer Work Packet for their grade level.

Summer work at St. Raymond is an important component of the academic program. The purpose of summer work is to: 1) Provide specific instructional practice on those essential standards for entry into the next grade level, and 2) Provide structured practice of essential skills.

Students are to practice the skills (as detailed in Summer Work packet) a minimum of 400 minutes (200 minutes IXL Math and 200 minutes IXL Language Arts). This encourages 20 minutes of practice for each content area weekly. Students may complete minutes in the manner that best supports family travel and summer plans (i.e. more minutes some weeks and fewer minutes other weeks). Please note: Mastery of assigned skills (100%) is encouraged but not required-- minutes practiced will support student retention of concepts. Students have unlimited access to grade level curriculum and are to continue to practice throughout the summer even if mastery of the assigned standard (100%) is accomplished. Teachers will view the time spent practicing, problems practiced, the number of skills attempted/mastered upon return to school. Class credit will be assigned for completion.

Summer Work packets and an instructional booklet that details login procedures for IXL St. Raymond signin was sent home with the student on Wednesday, June 6. The Summer Work Packets also included the student username and password.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All required summer work must be completed by August 17. The IXL Math and Language Arts site will close on Friday, August 17, 2017.

Download student Summer Work Packets below:

We wish you a blessed and joyful summer. We look forward to a wonderful 2017-2018. GO CARDINALS!

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