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Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy

Uniforms are to be purchased through Dennis Uniform - St. Raymond school code: M55RAY

Chapter VIII: School Uniform Policy: Parent-Student Handbook

The principal reserves the right to amend, suspend or add any new rules to the aforementioned policy. Students are to wear the school uniform from the beginning to the end of the school day. This is intended to eliminate distracting competition in dress and to evidence a constructive spirit and pride in the school and in each other.

It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that students observe the dress code of the school. Students who must be out of any portion of the uniform should bring a note signed by the parents to the classroom teacher and the office explaining the reason for being out of uniform.

Students who arrive at school without proper uniform will be asked to call home to request the appropriate/missing pieces be delivered. Failure to arrive in and maintain proper uniform for students in grades 6-8 will result in detention. Chronic uniform violations will result in further disciplinary action including (but not limited to) suspension and expulsion.

Used uniforms (in good condition) are accepted and are offered at a reduced price through St. Raymond School. All uniform items must be labeled clearly with the child’s first and last names.

All Students

  • uniform St. Raymond School polo with logo
  • all socks must be solid white and visible above the ankle (NO logos); girls are permitted to wear footed tights in solid navy blue, black or white in place of socks (NO leggings)
  • uniform navy blue sweater/sweater vest required at all school functions, including field trips and First Friday Mass; ONLY the uniform sweater/sweater vest is worn in the classroom
  • SHOES: students must wear predominantly solid white, black, or navy blue shoes with coordinating white, black, or navy laces. Small logos of a neutral tone (white, black or navy) are acceptable. Small logos that are of a bright or neon color are not allowed.
  • it is important that all students maintain a neat appearance during the school day

Girls Uniform

Girls Uniforms

  • uniform logo polo shirt (not required to tuck in)
  • uniform Hamilton plaid jumper (JK-5) or Hamilton plaid skirt (6-8)
  • uniform logo sweater/sweater vest (required for all formal school events)
  • optional uniform khaki shorts or pants
  • skirts must be modest in length; modesty is at the discretion of the school.
  • pants, shorts and skirts are not to be worn below the waist.
  • shorts must be worn beneath the skirt/jumper and should not show below the hem
  • a single necklace, bracelet (or watch) and ring may be worn
  • earrings are to be post-style; no dangling earrings permitted
  • no makeup or nail polish is to be worn at school
  • hair color must be natural color, not dyed and neatly groomed
  • all clothing should fit properly and should not be excessively loose or excessively tight

Boys Uniform

Boys Uniform

  • uniform logo polo shirt, tucked in with black or brown belt (belt required grades 1-8)
  • black or brown belt featuring a modest buckle
  • uniform logo sweater/sweater vest (required for all formal school events)
  • uniform khaki shorts or pants
  • shirts must be tucked in during the school day
  • a belt is required daily, no exceptions
  • pants/shorts are not to be worn below the waist
  • shorts may not cover the knee cap
  • no piercings, nail polish or hair color is permitted
  • a single necklace, bracelet (or watch) and ring may be worn
  • hair color must be natural color, not dyed; hair length should not extend below the top of the collar
  • hair should be neat and combed during the school day and school activities
  • boys are to be clean shaven, including sideburns
  • all clothing should fit properly and should not be excessively loose or excessively tight

Non-uniform days

Non-Uniform Days

Celebration Dress

On student’s birthdays and some special occasions, they are permitted to wear appropriate “non-uniform” attire (dress and shoes). Attire on non-uniform days should be conducive to maintaining an atmosphere of learning and be in good taste. Birthdays falling on First Friday Mass will be observed on the Thursday before. The following are not appropriate for school:

  • tank tops (including spaghetti straps)
  • halter tops
  • low-cut tops
  • tops that bare the midriff
  • torn or dirty jeans/athletic pants (sweatpants/yoga pants)
  • excessively baggy or tight clothes
  • flip flops or backless sandals
  • shorts that do not meet the skirt length requirement or feature excessive wear or holes
  • t-shirt or other attire with inappropriate logos are not permitted (these include pictures or words depicting alcohol or drugs, music groups, skulls, etc., and anything of a violent or sexual nature.)

Spirit Day Dress

Throughout the year, students will have Spirit Day Dress opportunities. Each day’s theme will be unique and will be announced in advance of the event. Students should keep in mind the same expectations as established for Celebration Dress Days. Spirit Day Dress is an opportunity to get creative. Any students not participating should arrive to school in regular uniform.

Cardinal Spirit Dress

Cardinal Spirit days are an opportunity to sport school pride! Students are permitted to wear denim jean pants (no shorts) and any St. Raymond School t-shirt or sweatshirt of their choosing. The school polo shirt is acceptable as a school t-shirt. School shoes must be worn. Any students not participating should arrive to school in regular uniform.

Accent Dress

Accent days are an opportunity for students to wear themed accents with regular uniform shoes, bottoms, and tops. Accents include: socks, head wear, and other small accessories such as belts, and modest jewelry.