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Choicelunch Program

St. Raymond School partners with Choicelunch to provide our families the opportunity to purchase healthy, nutritious lunch tailored to your child's tastes and nutritional needs. Choicelunch creates lunches using healthy, fresh ingredients and kid-approved recipes for same-day delivery. Order using a simple online ordering system and mobile app designed to make choosing lunch for your child fast and easy.

Register/Sign Up by visiting or click on any question below for more information. Please contact St. Raymond School at 650.322.2312 if you have additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to order Choicelunch for my child in advance?

Yes, Choicelunch will help you and your kids be healthy and organized at lunch time. From the Choicelunch app or online, you and your child can order lunches up to three months in advance.

  • The Details: All lunch orders must be placed prior to 9:00AM the day before your child wants to order lunch. This includes the weekend for lunch on Monday, you would need to have it ordered by Sunday at 9:00AM.
  • Cancellation Deadline: To cancel any lunch for full credit you will need to cancel the lunch before 9:00AM the day before. Any lunch cancelled after the 9:00AM deadline but before 9:00AM the day the lunch is to be served you will receive a half credit on your Choicelunch account. No credit will be issued for lunches cancelled after the 9:00AM deadline.
  • Field Trip: It is the parent’s responsibility to cancel lunch on a Field Trip Day within the cancellation deadline to receive credit for that lunch.
  • Sickness: If you don’t know until morning that your child is sick, cancel the lunch before 9:00AM the morning the lunch is to be served and you will receive a half credit on your Choicelunch account.
  • Same Day Order: Once the normal ordering day has closed, Last Minute Ordering will be available until 6:00AM the morning the lunch is needed. You will be selecting from a limited menu that will become more limited as the ordering day progresses. Only regular portion size will be available during this ordering period. Once these entrées have sold out the bagel & cream cheese will be available for the remainder of the ordering period. An additional fee of $1.50 will be added to the cost of each lunch.
  • Emergency Lunches: If your child forgets to bring a lunch, Choice Lunch will always send Emergency Lunches. Any child requesting an emergency lunch will be asked to call home in the office. These lunches are limited and are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Once these entrées have been distributed a cereal option will be available for the child(ren) so they do not need to go hungry. With this option, the child will receive a cereal and milk, along with a fruit/veggie, snack and an additional drink. Cereal Emergency Lunches are always free. Contact the School Office (650) 322-2312 and pre-approve an Emergency Lunch any time before the lunch service.

Q: What if my child is still hungry? Can my child buy items ala carte?

Your hungry kids will always have the option to grab extra fruit and vegetables whether they purchased a lunch that day or not. Snacks or additional meals will not be available. Emergency lunches will be available every day. Please contact the School Office to arrange for an emergency lunch order (650) 322-2312.

Q: What is included in a lunch? How much does a lunch cost? How do I set up my account?

Choicelunch offers 16 main course choices per day. After you select your child's entrée, your child will get to choose their own snack, fruit or vegetable, and a drink-- all conveniently located in the lunch line. The entrée size is also adjustable.

Prices range from $5.70 for a regular entrée with unlimited fruit and vegetable, one snack and a drink, to $6.95 for a large, premium entrée with unlimited fruit and vegetable, one snack and a drink.

All St. Raymond families who wish to order Choicelunch will need to set up an online account thru the Choicelunch web site. Choicelunch also offers a convenient app that can be downloaded onto your smart phone.

Q: I would like to volunteer to help St. Raymond at lunchtime. How can I be involved?

Your help at lunch time would be much appreciated! You can sign up for a shift at the Mothers' Club meeting on the last and first day of school.

The Details

  • What do I get for serving lunch? Choicelunch pays volunteers in free lunches. Each day that you serve lunch, a credit will be deposited into your account.
  • How do I receive my credit? Please make sure to sign in on the Choicelunch Daily Report on each of your work days so that the company can apply the appropriate credit to your account.
  • How long does it take to get a credit? It can take up to three school days to have the credit post to your account. If it has been longer than that contact Customer Service 855-GO-LUNCH (855-465-8624) and they will be happy to assist you.
  • How can I use my lunch credit? Credits can be used to pay for lunches and gift to other families; credits have no monetary value and expire one year after they are issued.

Q: How do I find out more information on the nutrition or allergens in the entrees served by Choicelunch?

Nutrition information is available for all of the meals served by Choicelunch. When ordering, select the tab “nutrition”.

The Details

  • Who are your suppliers? Choicelunch sources ingredients from within 150 miles of our facilities, and a majority of the food comes from within California.
  • Does Choicelunch offer organic lunches? Choicelunch partners with local providers, often growers who don’t use pesticides or sprays, but are too small to get the ‘organic’ stamp. The company does emphasize organics where it matters – especially in produce buying.
  • Does Choicelunch offer hormone-free foods? The low fat white and fat free chocolate milk is rBST-free. Choicelunch sources hormone-free chicken breasts and thighs (which are antibiotic-free as well) and turkey ingredients, as the USDA prohibits all chickens and turkeys to be given any hormones.
  • Allergens: Choicelunch takes every precaution to prevent cross-contamination between allergens and ensure the accuracy of the information presented. We go to great lengths to source our ingredients with our most sensitive customers in mind, and often make decisions based on the allergen composition of an ingredient. However, we cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that every entree will be completely free of trace amounts of allergens, as product substitutions that impact the allergen makeup of an ingredient, though rare, may occur.

Choicelunch does not recommend that customers with severe or life-threatening allergies participate in the program.