School Families Program

St. Raymond School believes in educating the whole person, and prioritizes the development of social and emotional skills in its students. One step taken to foster these skills within the community was the adoption of the Caring School Community program in 2013. This program was designed to help schools expand a culture of kindness and respect among the students, teachers and families.

In 2015, St. Raymond School initiated the St. Raymond School Families program to involve our school community. Students from grades K-8 are placed into school families and take part in a variety of activities throughout the school year that focus on teamwork, kindness, service and faith.

Families consist of students from each grade level. An eighth grade student is the family leader, though sometimes a seventh grade student will be asked to fill this role. Leaders are in charge of directing students during family activities. The family is a cohesive group, students will remain with the same family throughout the years. If a student starts in a family in Kindergarten, he or she will stay with that family until he or she becomes the leader in the seventh or eighth grade.

The goals of the school families are to

  • develop and strengthen relationships with students of various ages and backgrounds
  • build a sense of community across grade levels
  • allow seventh and eighth grade students to acquire valuable leadership skills and responsibility-- characteristics that they can use and keep with them beyond their time at St. Raymond